I cried … A lot

Within the past few weeks, the only way I have been able to sleep has been crying myself to sleep.  And I mean, every night.

I feel like I’m running on a treadmill; sprinting for a finish line that I don’t see, nor do I know if it exist or not.  And as I’m running, I see everyone oh so calmly living their life all around me.

I had a dream the other night that I cut all my hair off and just moved out of the country without any thought or planning.  I just left.  I woke up and stared at the scissors that were on my dresser.  So instead, I dyed my hair green-blue so that it gave me the satisfaction of doing something different.

I’m trying, I am definitely trying to get through whatever phase this is in my life.  This is definitely a test from God, and I know it.  I just need him along the way.

〈〈♥Brianna, the Sunflower♥〉〉

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